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We aim to increase public awareness and knowledge pertaining to abrupt climate change, the disruption of climate systems, and the loss of biodiversity and biomass, as well as the emergency solutions.


Nov 20, 2021
The Climate Emergency Forum (CEF) team attended and presented at COP26 in Glasgow from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12, 2021

COP26 Media Advisories

Nov 11, 2021 - 5:00 PM GMT
Special guests Rupert Read and Nick Breeze discuss COP26 with our regarlar panelists Dr. Peter Carter, Paul Beckwith and Regina Valdez.

Nov 12, 2021 - 4:45 PM GMT
Raya Salter and Dan Galpern join Paul Beckwith and Regina Valdez to discuss eco-migration.


Nov 26, 2021
Join Dr. Ye Tao along with Dr. Peter Wadhams, Paul Beckwith, and Regina Valdez for a presentation and conversation on the MEER ReflEction Framework. MEER:ReflEction stands for Mirrors for Earth's Energy Rebalancing: Resource-driven engineering for leveraging Earth’s chemistries to immediately offer climate remediation.

Nov 20, 2021
Paul Beckwith and Regina Valdez discuss the topic of Ocean Pasture Restoration with special guests Alex Carlin, Peter Fiekowsky and Russ George. The presentation emphasizes that solving the ‘Climate Emergency’ with emissions reduction alone will not work...


Aug 12, 2021
Alex Carlin
Nobody wants people to dump toxic waste into the oceans. But tragically, the very same natural micronutrients that are the most crucial for the oceans to be healthy and generate climate-restoring photosynthesis have been mislabeled by some as “toxic.”

Mar 10, 2021
Dr. Peter Carter
The Security Council needs to acknowledge the unprecedented global climate change security emergency and produce an emergency global climate change security threat report.